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Happy, Light, Cute And Quirky

Light, infectious, friendly Indie folk/pop for a perfect sunny day - easygoing, caring and fun -
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Wacky Busy
Quirky, fun loving wackiness with acoustic guitar and ukulele.

Sweet And Swinging
Happy, skippy bells, plucked violin, strummed guitar and light Folk-Jazzy feel.

Happy Shopping
Quirky, fun-loving whistling and ukulele over bouncy backing.

Light And Happy
Light Indie-Folk with ukuleles and happy whistling. Soft, warm and cute.

Happy Hop
Bright and quirky with chimes over skipping beats.

Gentle Journeys
Contented and warm, gently rolling Nu-Folk with ukulele, guitar and light glitchy fx.

Lucky Kitty
Cute, quirky and upbeat ukulele and melodica.

Cute O'Clock
Light, bright and quirky with acoustic guitar, tinkling bells and fx. Builds gently throughout.

Super Sunny
Manically jolly and fun with ukulele and whistling.

Happy Tuesday
Happy whistling over strummed ukulele with bells. Bright, simple and sunny.

Holiday High
Upbeat Indie-Folk with violin lead. Warm and happy.

Happy Lifestyle
Sunny, upbeat Nu-Folk with ambling beat, accordion and bells. Happy and warm.

Smiley Happy
Cheerful ukulule over poppy, fun backing with lighthearted glitchy fx.

Summer Joy
Warm rolling piano over soft acoustic-folk backing with ukulele. Light and relaxed.

Caring Business
Gentle, sprightly piano 'bagatelle' with bells and plucked strings. Warm, light and optimistic.

Fun With Bubbles
Wacky, nu-folky cheerfulness with ukuleles and bubbly fx.

Soft And Gentle
Gentle, folky acoustic guitars, bells and plucked strings. Soft, warm and cute.