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Digital Life

Information, marketing and lifestyle in the digital age -
for promos, TV advertising, infomercials

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In Production
Feelgood backdrop to technical activity with light, upbeat electronica and beats.

Simple Tech
Warm, friendly Electronica with light beat and happy bleeps.

Easy Tech
Light, postive electronica and beats with simple, happy, technological feel.

Connecting The World
Busy, techy intro erupts into warm, feelgood theme with beats at 1:04.

Bouncy, warm, uplifting Electronica with a carefree, sunny feel.

Eighties Technology
Moody electronica builds to driving retro-eighties Synth-Pop anthem. Upbeat, positive and catchy.

Digital Life
Warm, upbeat electronica with expansive, technological feel. Uplifting and euphoric.

Mellow Tech
Warm, laid-back Electronica with sparkling toplines and feelgood piano melody.

Digital Orient
Bright, tumbling, positive Asian-tinged electronica with sparkling bells, harp and female voice.

In Design
Positive Electronica with slow, steady beat and throbbing bass develops with uplifting toplines.

Bright Future
Chilled, techy ambience with inspiring female voice builds to full theme at 60 secs.

New Horizons
Uplifting ambient intro builds with chilled beats into mellow, optimistic theme.

Virtual Dreams
Spacey, tech atmosphere builds with dreamy female voice and sense of chilled, trippy wonder.