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Science And Technology Toolkit

Soundtracks to scientific & technical activity - from factual to wondrous - for science, medical, documentaries, education

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How It's Made
Upbeat, bright technological atmosphere with electronic bleeps and light beats and bass.

Positive Science
Upbeat and technological with beats and bleeping electronica.

Data Analysis
Warm, neutral electronica with chilled beat, bass and gentle cyclical sequences throughout.

Simple factual scientific soundbed with techy bleeps.

Search For A Cure
Inspiring backdrop to scientific enquiry with interweaving digital signals and warm synth washes over slow beat.

Facts And Figures
Neutral and factual electronic Tech background with mid-paced beats.

Neutral soundtrack to technological processes with repetitive synth figures, beats and bass.

Neutral but enigmatic soundbed to scientific information with cyclic electronica.

New Networks
Fluid technological soundbed with cyclical electronic bleeps and cross-rhythms.

Neutral electronic background to scientific activity with a sense of concentration and time passing.

Science By Numbers
Neutral scientific background with data stream sounds and spikey, robotic synth. 

Serious, weighty scientific soundbed with deep, slow-driving bass and electronica.

Big Data
Pulsing bass under driving beat and bleeping electronica. Weighty, repetitive and technological.

Molecular Motion
Warm, technical atmosphere with repetitive, minimalist piano and light electronica.

Small Wonder
Gently organic, minimal backdrop to natural beauty with sparkling harp, strings and electronica. Intriguing and inspiring.

Wondrous Revelation
Spacey, mysterious, atmosphere builds with orchestra to magnificent climax. Awesome beauty.

Awesome mysterious space with enigmatic choir over deep, dark drones.

Deep Mystery
Deep drone with swirling effects and ethereal voices. Awe-inspiring, vast space.

The Problem Of Time
Deep bass pulses with spacey electronica and ticking fx

Space Signals
Wondrous atmosphere with gentle piano and ethereal voices builds over swirling, swooshing background noise.

Dancing Lights
Positive, sparkling atmosphere with bright plucked strings over warm electronica and piano. 

Future Design
Ambient intro builds with bass and solid beat to positive electronic theme. Spacey, warm, edgy electronica.

Future Wired
Evolving synthesizer sequences over rolling beats with enigmatic, scientific feel.

Major Breakthrough
Serious, suspenseful intro to driving, positive chemical beats and electronica.