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Celtic With Beats

Celtic jigs & reels cut with beats and bass - for St Patrick's Day, lifestyle, advertising, fun

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Wake Up Drowsy Maggie
Rousing, modern version of popular Irish reel 'Drowsy Maggie' with fiery fiddle, dance beats and party atmosphere. Versions available with and without drunken revellers!

Happy Ireland
Upbeat modern-style Irish reel with light dubby beats and bass, bright melody and fiddle.

Dub That Jig
Squelchy, Dubstep-influenced Irish Jig with half-time beat and bright, catchy tune.

Irish Summer Swing
Sunny Celtic jig with laid-back beat, tumbling Irish harp and lilting flute.

Indie Ireland
Lively acoustic Pop/Folk with jubilant male vocal, lively strummed guitars and Celtic instruments.

Jig Mash
Lively fiddle plays twisted Irish jig with modern beats and fun dubsteppy glitches and squelches throughout.

Party In The Moors
Mashed-up Celtic reel 'The Morning Dew' with light modern dance beats, fiddle and rolling clubby electronica.

Celtic Cute
Chirpy, bright electronic Irish jig with Dubstep squelches and bouncy beat.

The Big Jig
Psychedelically twisted Celtic Folk-Rock jig with edgy, electric violin and guitar over dark spacey drums and acoustic guitar.

Urban Galway
Rolling glitchy beats, scratching and electronica with Celtic jig fiddle, mandolin and acoustic folk instruments.

She Moved Through The Fair
Hauntingly beautiful, well-known, tragic Irish folk-ballad with stirring female harmony vocals, drones and dark trip-hop beats. Mysterious, romantic and dreamy.

North From Stornoway
Wild, soaring folk violin over acoustic guitar develops with dramatic orchestral touches and rolling drums. Untamed, passionate Celtic panorama.

Celtic News
Quirky, upbeat News/Sports theme with Irish jig influence.