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Lifestyle Feelgood 3

Uplifting, positive, eclectic tracks for lifestyle, promos, advertising, tv

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Warm, uplifting Indie Rock with soaring female voices builds to euphoric, explosive finale @ 1:36.

Fresh Air
Bright and breezy feelgood with fast, tumbling beats and organ.

On A High
Happy, uplifting Nu-Folk Indie with upbeat drums, piano and mandolin.

Highly upbeat, joyous, warm Electronica with rolling piano topline and fast beats builds to climax.

My Sunshine
Warm, upbeat Electronica builds with trucking beat, bright bells and cheerful piano.

Along The Shoreline
Flowing, upbeat Pop-Rock with bright, catchy piano theme. Warm and uplifting.

Sparkling strummed guitar, ambient washes and piano over chilled beats. Uplifting, fresh and warm.

Uplifting Chillout with contrastingly downbeat intro bursting into euphoric piano chorus. Warm with deep mixed emotion and passion.

Summer Day
Warm, upbeat Indie Chill with rolling piano lead. Easygoing and feelgood.

Dub Happy
Warm, upbeat feelgood with catchy piano, skippy bass and light dubby elements.

Breath Of Freedom
Euphoric Indie Dance with chilled female vocal "I'm free", "Breathe". Warm, uplifting Balearic feelgood.

Family Freedom
Warm, gently uplifting Nu-Folk with acoustic guitar and bells. Builds with rhythm section @ 1:13.

Happy Daytime
Bouncy, upbeat Pop-Rock with catchy guitar melody.

Fun Days
Fast, fun and sunny Pop-Rock with catchy falsetto vocal line.

Happy Memories
Chilled Indie groove with uplifting voices builds from warm 30 sec piano intro.

Achieve Your Goal
Warm piano bursts into highly upbeat, sparking Indie feelgood.

Start The Day
Light, steadily building Indie Feelgood with piano, acoustic guitar, beats and electronica. Warm, positive, uplifting and fresh.

Out Of The Blue
Expectant, swooshy intro to soaring feelgood theme at 36s with beats and sparkling bells. Positive, fresh and uplifting.

On My Way
Celebratory, rolling Indie Rock with anthemic guitar lead and Celtic/Scottish feel.

Mystic Peace
Peaceful, mystical, ambient atmosphere with exotic Eastern female voice.