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Planet Earth

An orchestral journey around our planet - for documentary, nature, travel

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Among The Peaks
Solemn, portentous intro swelling into soaring, exciting orchestral mountain fly-through, with rolling drums plus choral and electronic accents.

Big Planet
Thoughtful, airy orchestral curtain raiser leads to epically soaring orchestral anthem with pounding drums.

Majestic Earth
Symphonic homage to nature at her grandest and most majestic.

Earth Theme
Moody, momentous intro leads to lush, majestic orchestral theme.

I Am Storm
Intensely threatening intro builds in intensity to stormy climax. Dark and menacing electronic 'eye-of-storm' mid-section. With orchestra, choir and electronic FX.

Rage Of Vulcan
Darkly threatening extended intro to storming Wagnerian orchestral climax - from seismic rumblings to full volcanic pandemonium.

Intense orchestral narrative; a monster storm develops from sinister prelude through to explosive, raging climax with pounding drums. (Storm hits at 2:22)

Beautiful wintry orchestral atmosphere with thoughtful piano and flute.

Aerial Adventure
Rushing, swirling orchestral excitement for flying around the mountain peaks. Urgent and euphoric.

Cloud Theatre
Whirling orchestral atmospherics into graceful, thoughtful piano figures over grand orchestra.

Meditative orchestral hybrid soundtrack takes the time to grow with its subject.

Desolation Zone
Dark, brooding strings and electronic drone.

Orchestral underscore for bleak, windswept wilderness with ethnic flute fragments.

Ancient Desert
Orchestral soundbed featuring Middle Eastern vocal and instrumental fragments. Awe-filled, majestic and mysterious.