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Horror Toolkit

Epic cinematic orchestral horror and thriller film cues to chill you to the bone - for trailers, films, drama, tv

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Epic Horror Theme
Huge Gothic orchestral opening/closing titles theme. Highly dramatic and cinematic throughout with massive grand finale.

Gothic Epic
Creepy dark atmosphere with bells builds dramatically throughout with full orchestra and ethereal choir to massive rolling, cinematic anthem with crescendo to climax.

Prelude To Horror
Dark orchestral drone swells and dies away before crecendoing to dramatic end stab and ghostly voices fade.

Before The Haunting
Cinematic orchestra and wispy harp hint at temporary calm but underlying trouble and darkness.

Visited By Evil
Slow, deep dark strings and ghostly orchestral effects build throughout with sense of fear and foreboding. Classic cinematic mounting tension and horror.

Journey To The Lair
Orchestra builds with expectancy tinged with Gothic romance to dramatic statement with ethereal voices and blaring horns, before dropping away and building back to epic cinematic finale.

Mounting Fear
Slow, deep, dark orchestra builds with sense of fear and foreboding. Classic, epic cinematic mounting tension and horror.

Build To Terror
Suspenseful orchestra builds with sense of increasing alarm and terror to loud cascade of startling, classic orchestral cinema horror.

Intense Terror
Terrifying cascade of startling, undiluted, classic orchestral cinema horror with stabs and dramatic climax. Unrelenting terror and alarm!

Classic Horror Hits
8 classic short orchestral horror phrases and hits.

Classic Horror Links
5 short, orchestral classic horror movie cues. Useful to link between scenes etc.

Classic Horror Pursuits
4 fast, turbulent cinematic action cues build to dramatic thriller endings with epic orchestra and percussion.

Paranormal Suspense
Supernatural atmosphere with sinister, shimmering orchestral strings, slow persistent drum and mysterious ethereal voices.

Spooky Ascent
Strange, ascending ethereal voices with harp, strings and slow drum climb throughout to eerie end chord.

Spooky Descent
Dark orchestral drone with creepy, ethereal descending chimes float down to shimmering strings horror crescendo ending.

Down To The Dark Realm
Descending ethereal voices and strings with dark, epic Gothic horns drop down to gloomy gong strike and creepy, unresolved solo flute outro.

Lord Of The Night
Slow, dark Gothic orchestra builds steadily and unfolds to awesome grand finale.

Gothic Tragedy
Lonely flute and epic romantic strings ebb and fall in slow mournful waves of emotion. Deep passion and drama tinged with grief.

Haunted Ballroom
Ghostly slow waltz with piano, celeste and creepy dulcimer glissandos.

Waiting For Darkness
Slow, eerie harp arpeggios with suspenseful orchestra create atmosphere of restless beauty and dark expectation.

Dangerous Enchantment
Shimmering vibraphone and ethereal ghostly female voices create atmosphere of innocence and dangerous allure.

Into The Cemetery
Supernatural atmosphere of suspense with low drone, creepy woodwind and ghostly voices.

Awakening Evil
Deep, dark orchestral drone with suspenseful strings gets louder and creepier, rising to terrifying, high-pitched screaming strings horror climax.

There's Something Out There
Plodding low basses and classic scary orchestral effects get louder throughout, building to dark end chord. Intense atmosphere of approaching evil

Ritual Of Evil
Pounding ceremonial drums and blaring horns enjoined by pagan pipes and dark male chant, build with hypnotic intensity to dramatic gong strike.

Twilight Zone
Slow, grave, creepy orchestra with classic horror strings and wispy woodwind builds in waves to bold statement before dying away.

End Of Horrors
Haunting cinematic Horror end titles music with slow creepy chimes, romantic strings and uplifting ethereal voices.