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Ding Dong! It's Christmas!

Christmas tunes from retro to modern -
for promos, tv, advertising

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Ding Dong Christmas
'Ding Dong' bells into bouncy, jolly retro-Christmas tune with sleigh bells, bassoon, celeste and strings. Key change at 54s.

Cheesy Christmas
Bright, brassy, retro-Xmas pop with cheesy organ. Brimming with quirky fun.

Christmas Holiday
Sunny retro-60s/70s Easy Listening with vibraphone, organ, sweeping strings and light, breezy Bossa nova backbeat.

Easy Listening Xmas
Authentic retro-sixties Easy Listening, with kitsch organ, lush strings and happy cha-cha beat.

Welcome To Christmas
Jovial tuba melody over light orchestra with 'ding-dong' bells. Cute, warm and welcoming with a humorous touch.

Preparing for Christmas
Light background to Christmas activities with lightly plucked strings, piano, woodwind, brass and bells.

Silent Fright
Tongue-In-Cheek Dubstep version of 'Silent Night' with grinding synths and punchy drums and bass. Youthful and fun.