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Nu Metal Punk

Hard-hitting Nu-Metal & Punk with a fun twist - for extreme sports, trailers, tv

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Hot Metal
No-nonsense, fast, badass Heavy Metal. Aggressive, confident and powerful.

Menacing Djent-style Metal with pounding low-tuned guitars. Hardcore, muscular aggression.

Gritted Teeth
Steely, racing Death Metal with blazing guitars. Very fast and aggressive.

Tough Guys
Hard, driving testosterone-fueled Biker Rock/Metal. Crashing, tough and aggressive.

Aggressive, pounding Death Metal onslaught with detuned riffing guitars.

Steppin' Out
Strutting, hard-riffing, mid-tempo Rock with badass attitude.

Hot Rod
Growling, macho Biker Rock/Metal with a gritty Southern US feel. Slick and dirty

Thrill Junkies
Unrelenting, fast driving Hardcore Rock with a snarly Punk edge. Hi-speed, riffing mayhem!

Burn Rubber
High speed, racing Nu-Metal/Punk with a fun, youthful twist.

Tail Grab
Exhilarating, fast Hardcore Pop Punk. Highly energetic, youthful and fun.

Big Air
Exhilarating, medium/fast Nu-Punk Rock workout. Youthful and fun.

Rough Rider
Action-packed, high-speed Punk/Nu Metal. Powerful, youthful and fun.

Let It Rip
Racing, exhilarating NuWave Punk with a fun, youthful feel.

Messed Up
Snarling Nu-Metal/Punk Rock with menacing bass, relentless driving beat and occasional shouts.

Thrash And Burn
High-speed Nu Metal/Punk. Action-packed, aggressive and dizzyingly fast.

Badass Nu-Metal headbanger with heavy, grinding shuffle beat. Menacing with a fun edge.

Grunge Box
Moody, powerful late-nineties Grunge radio-rocker.

Off The Hook
Quirky, wacky Hardcore NuPunk/Metal. Fast, fun, manic and chaotic.

Metal Showtime
Humorous avant-garde mashup of heavy riffing Metal with screaming jazz sax and abrupt rhythmical changes. Mischievous and eccentric.

Surf Spooks
Fast, fun Surf Rock with a spooky twist!