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Modern Pop-Orchestral soundtracks from minimal beds to soaring themes - for everything ocean, documentary, nature

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Ocean Voyager
Stirring and romantic grand orchestral theme to nautical adventure.

Rise Again
Resolute, portentous piano/orchestral intro grows slowly into massive indie-tinged pop-orchestral anthem.

Mermaid Song
Celtic tinged soulful orchestral lament with pensive piano and haunting female voice. Massive Celtic drums enter midway.

Wild Ocean Hunters
Brooding, rolling orchestral danger with a nautical, stormy flavour.

Changing Seasons
Pensive piano/chamber introduction grows steadily into majestic orchestral anthem featuring celtic drums.

Into The Depths
Creepy underwater atmospherics woven into filmic orchestral soundtrack to the grand mysteries of the ocean depths.

Cape Wrath
Scary discordant, swirling orchestral atmospherics into pounding, rolling theme with massive drums and choir. Abstract mid-section before massive end section.

Terrifying orchestral hybrid expressionist narrative of tsunami from subterranean inception through sinister prequel to the monstrous assault of the tsunami itself, through to the resulting devastation. Graphic and genuinely scary.

Ocean Joy
Euphoric, racing, pop-orchestral with anthemic, uplifting guitar and piano. Joyous and inspiring - dolphins racing at the bow.

The Magic Of Light
Poignant solo piano waltz is joined by cello then orchestra for a haunting evocation of lonely beauty.

Giants Of The Deep
Pensive orchestral strings over subtle electronic bed grow gradually to soaring emotive climax. Simple, powerful, serious.

Ocean Warning
Moody and solemn orchestra with poignant, atmospheric piano solo. Grows steadily in power to darkly epic anthem.

Coast Of Plenty
Warm, pastoral theme to regeneration and contentment. Harp, piano and chamber orchestra, with subtle electronics.

Friendly Waters
Warm, neutral blend of synth, strings and guitar evoking calm, beauty and panorama.