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Go Rural 2

Mellow acoustic tracks for country lifestyle tv

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In The Country
Mellow acoustic guitar develops with leisurely drums, bass and piano. Peaceful rural activities.

Biding My Time
Gently rolling finger-picked acoustic guitars, bass and light percussion. Easygoing and contented.

Rural Fun
Upbeat Country/Folk with acoustic guitar intro joined by bass and light percussion. Bright and jolly.

Gentle River
Tender, warm piano with lilting acoustic-guitar, violin, cello and harp. Gentle and touching.

Spring Fresh
Tinkling, picked acoustic guitar and flute over light backing. Happy, fresh and fast-flowing.

Calm Rural
Ambling finger-picked acoustic guitar with warm solo cello. Peaceful, laid-back and relaxed.

Country Road
Warm, happy, country-folk with acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, cello and bass. Positive, feelgood with a light swing!

Gone Fishing
Sunny, easygoing acoustic guitar with rolling drums, bass and piano.

Family Farm
Mellow, upbeat acoustic-guitars and light percussion with a simple, happy, rural feel.

Gently finger-picked acoustic guitars over light shaker rhythm. Relaxed and easygoing.

Light Through Trees
Gently tumbling acoustic guitars with light percussion. Soft and mellow rural beauty.

Country Living
Upbeat, gentle acoustic guitars and light percussion with a simple 'rural activities' feel.

Gently active, busy mood with cyclic, layered acoustic guitars and light percussion.

After A Long Day
Gently reflective mood with picked acoustic guitar. Wistful pastoral beauty.

On The Farm
Flowing acoustic guitar-picking joined at 37 secs by light drums, upright bass and electric piano. Warm and upbeat.

Green Fingers
Flowing, finger-picked solo acoustic guitar with a warm, laid-back, rustic feel.

A Slower Pace
Slow, mellow finger-picked folk guitar. Simple, warm and relaxed.

Free As A Breeze
Upbeat, rolling acoustic guitars with breezy, carefree tune.

Me And My Dog
Gently upbeat minimalistic solo piano exuding warmth and contentment.