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Inspiring Business

Inspirational orchestral indie with a head for business - for business, finance, factual

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Built On Trust
Thoughtful piano intro joined by harp and orchestra growing to positive, gently emphatic conclusion.

Power And Glory
Pensive piano and pads intro lifts massively into epic indie orchestral power ballad chorus.

Indie rocker builds from thoughtful start to uplifting theme.

Strong Hands
Massively uplifting pop orchestral hybrid with gently hopeful intro building to epic euphoric lift at 1:08 (again@2:24).

World Class
Light Indie-Folk rhythm section backed by tribal drums are joined by piano and orchestra building to a euphoric conclusion.

Morning Sunlight
Piano and orchestra plus subtle electronics in this modern homage to Greig's immortal Peer Gynt, Suite No. 1

Epic Journeys
Pensive intro to massive cinematic-orchestral theme with tribal drums and subtly exotic/world overtones. Instrumental version of 'Africa Dreaming'.

Touching The Miracle
Pensive, technical/electronic intro building to sweeping, emotive orchestral/electronic theme.

Sacred Fire
Mysterious Hang Drum intro into portentous, impactful orchestra over massive metallic drums. Epic, exotic adventure.

Great Expectations
Portentous cello theme over rocky breakbeat backing.

Getting Serious
Tense and suspenseful drama theme with massive drums and atmospheric piano and choir.

Coming To A Head
Stormy Indie rock theme with insistent strings riff over big rolling drum breaks, bass and guitar.

Born To Fly
Busy and dynamic electronic/orchestra hybrid. Urgent, uplifting, inspiring.

Building Bridges
Breezy, waltzing light orchestral with rolling acoustic guitar strumming.