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Monster Drums

Exciting drums and percussion with hits and builds -
for sports, action, films & TV

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Pumped For Action
Big drum hits entry to pounding muscular beat with regular percussive hits throughout.

Ready Steady Go
4 separate drum hits into fast, intense 'wall of drums' rhythm building to climax.

Monster Drum Smash
Big synth rise into massive drums groove with exciting effects. Monstrous, fun and power-crazed!

Drums Of War
Fast, aggressive drums from hell build to pounding climax.

The Big Drums
Heavyweight drums move slowly with massive power to climax.

Drum Strike
Tense, stealthy big drum crescendos build to end strike.

Drums Of Battle
Powerful, dark cinematic drums build from restless tension to climax.

Slam Drums
Epic, pounding drums and percussion build to muscular climax.

Drum Storm
Restless, medium-paced epic drumming builds to end hit.

Speed Junkies
Manically fast, exciting drums, heavy metal guitar and fx. Totally over-the-top soundtrack for adrenaline-junkies.

Massive drum corps stadium-style workout with fast, exciting build throughout.

Playing With Thunder
Driving drumline percussion punctuated with claps and rolls. Exciting and fun.