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Epic Fantasy And Adventure

Intense symphonic enchantment, romance and adventure for the modern fantasy epic.

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Flight Of The Winged Stallion
Toweringly heroic, filmic orchestral extravaganza. Epic, complex and joyous - music to fly your enchanted horse through the clouds to.

The Magic Kingdom
Majestic and magical orchestral fantasy.

Witches Vs Elves
Swirling, fantastical orchestral waltz with hints of supernatural feminine laughter. Creepy, enchanting and fun.

Learning To Do Magic
Tiptoeing comedy enchantment into flourishing, confident orchestral montage-theme. Classic filmic fairytale narrative.

Orcs Attack!
If your citadel is being stormed by nightmare fantasy hordes, this is the music you need. Intense choir and orchestra tear-up.

Sword Of Destiny
Thoughtful, mournful intro growing in power to massively portentous orchestral/choral theme with warlike drums. Huge, stirring climax before quiet, enigmatic ending.

An Empire Mourns
Achingly melancholic orchestral-choral lament. Epically mournful with towering upswellings of emotion. 

Tiptoes At Midnight
Pizzicato strings, woodwind and other favourites tiptoe mischievously around the woods at midnight.

The Sorcerer's Lair
Haunting, suspenseful intro builds to epic orchestral theme to the powers of darkness. Majestically scary.

Extreme Pursuit
Intense orchestral pursuit-fest moving from fear and foreboding to full-on terror.

The Lair Of The Beast
Seriously scary, brooding orchestral atmospherics into thunderous reveal.

Long Road Home
Massive and moving orchestral theme transitioning from doubt and sorrow through to hopeful resolution.