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12 Shades Of Minimalism

American tinged contemporary orchestral minimalism - for documentary, drama, lifestyle

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Montauk Hoedown
American Minimalism - fresh, energetic piano and marimba/xylophone cycles are joined by orchestra to develop and evolve. 

The Madness Of The King
Urgent orchestral Minimalism with a dreamlike, melodramatic edge.

Mystic River
Solemn, pensive intro to massive, portentous orchestral chord cycle - lush, haunting and epic.

Secrets And Lies
Smooth, sensual and enigmatic soundtrack featuring marimbas over light rock/jazz rhythm section and strings. Hypnotic and evolving.

The Beauty Of Numbers
Airy, urgent orchestral minimalism - cyclical and emphatic.

Encounters With Storms
Orchestral minimalism. Tentative and suspenseful intro rising in drama and intensity to stormy climax. 

Orpheus Descends
Mysteriously portentous orchestral Minimalism with sombre, spiralling cello lines.

The Legend Of Roy Rogers
Joyously upbeat orchestral tribute to the best of the American West.

A Brief History Of Enterprise
Brisk, exciting orchestral Minimalism moving in ever-shifting cycles - Viagra for the mind.

Prelude To A Discovery
Brooding marimba intro into darkly romantic, orchestral minimalism with atmospheric electric guitar lead. Dreamily serious.

Heart Of The Matter
Urgent and enigmatic hybrid soundtrack - piano and marimbas backed by tense atmospherics.

The Passage Of Time
Intensely meditative and poignant, delicately filmic piano over a light orchestral bed.