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Dark, Edgy Drama 3

From pensive tension to outright terror - for thrillers, horror and crime dramas

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Moody tension develops with edgy medium-paced beats.

Black Drone
Intense and menacing deep, dark drone with ethereal female voice and strings fx. Backdrop to overpowering fear and suspense.

Dark, troubled atmosphere with medium-paced drums and tense effects.

Clock Watcher
Dark, tense atmosphere with ticking clock.

Dark Angel
Horror string stabs and dark, distorted beat evoke impending danger.

Dark Prophecy
Serious, lush synth theme over medium-slow beats. Dark, strong and purposeful.

Death Wish
Dark horror atmosphere with eerie orchestral strings and nervous synth fx.

Dark, chaotic atmosphere with random xylophone notes, suspenseful orchestral strings and heavy breath fx.

Urgent war drums and chugging orchestra evoke momentous situation.

Edge of Twilight
Deep, thoughtful atmosphere with floating strings. Bleak and spacious.

In Wait
Serious, tense atmosphere develops with medium-pace driving beat and dark strings.

Judgement Day
Momentous, serious, melodramatic atmosphere with dark strings, piano and big drum hits.

Last Laugh
Startling, urgent, creepy comic-tinged horror/suspense.

Restless, nervous tension builds with light, urgent beats and edgy strings.

Bleak, sad atmosphere with synths and minor key piano figures.

Restless atmosphere builds with powerful, explosive drums to weighty, momentous synth theme.

Requiem For A Spy
Solemn and momentous orchestral melodrama builds with piano and big drums.

Stalked By Evil
Archetypal horror soundtrack with discordant strings and satanic whispering voices 'On a moon evil'.

The Long Wait
Slow, wistful piano theme over deep synth atmosphere.

Thoughtful Tension
Lightly tense atmosphere with simple, thoughtful piano.

Uncertainty Principle
Pensive and wistful synth theme interwoven with slow beats and female vocal fx.

Anxious atmosphere with edgy synth and wistful, pensive strings and piano.

Eerie, dark, swirling drones create bleak ambient atmosphere.