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100 Greatest Promos

100 red-hot 30-60 second promos to mark PMOL's 100th album!

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Dance Bizarre
Surreal, Vaudeville brass band waltz with accordion & glockenspiel.  Strange minimal 'clockwork' version available.

Toyshop Fantasia
Enchanted orchestral fairytale waltz with music-box.

Clockwork Heart
Ticking clock and music-box over bright orchestral backing - lightly magical and uplifting.

A Happy Tune
Jolly whistling and kazoo with light acoustic backing. With pauses.

Cloud Waltz
Happy, dreamy, gently whimsical, acoustic pop-folk waltz.

Day Out
Super easygoing summery acoustic pop with trumpet and violins.

Happy World
Cheerful young female vocal 'ahs' over gently rolling backing. Sunny and quirky.

Mister Moonlight
Psychedelic mix of cutup 30s dance-band ballad over chilled trip-hop beats. Creepily romantic.

Night At The Engineerium
Weirded-out fantastical disco house featuring theremin.

The Girl I Want To Be
Enchanted, waltzing toy-music/merry-go-round backing with wistful, naive pop-folk female vocal about chasing dreams.

The Whistler
Dangerously catchy whistled theme over atmospheric filmic piano/string chords and skipping trip-hop beats.

Toy Waltz
Lilting nursery waltz with la-la vocal doubling wobbly bowed-saw melody over toy piano and plodding tuba bass. 

Ah Ah Oh Oh
Fun and funky vocal sounds over cool stomping house track - Bass invites Big Beat to a messy party.

Gypsy Kalinka
Intoxicating gypsy band version of the popular Russian song by Ivan Larionov. Accelerates to dizzying speed with fiery fiddle and balalaika.

Whistle While You Walk
Happy, catchy whistling over jazzy scat vocals.

Oodle Doodle
Happy nonsense vocal leads good-naturedly wacky 30's style 'hot' jazz featuring elaborate vocal-brass impersonations.

Shopper's Paradise
Super-kitsch, sunny retro Latin easy-listening. Music to buy kitchen appliances to, circa 1962.

Chihuahua Cha Cha
Vintage big-band Cuban Cha-Cha with soaring Mexican trumpet lead - sunshine, tequila and fun South of the Border.

Mango Fandango
Exceedingly kitsch/nostalgic, ultra-romantic 50s/60s retro Tango - see versions for extra-vintage LoFi cuts.

Bim Bam Boom
60s retro Afro-Cuban Cha-Cha kitsch-fest featuring sultry female vocals and explosive brass. Fun, catchy and cute.

Crazy Coyote
Twangy Psychobilly, TexMex/Surf guitar workout.

Lazy Hour
Affable 40s style comedy-jazz homage to contended indolence with scat vocal and mouth-trumpet solo over lazy Djangoesque jazz rhythm section.

Jazz drummer performs swinging solo. Energetic, fun and kicking!

Retro Beach
Sunny, whimsical retro 50's pop with sparkling bells and catchy guitar melody. Dreamy, surf fantasy.

Spaghetti Western
Spaghetti Western style band with guitar and male voices.

Steampunk Circus
Circus organ, bendy tymps, plodding tuba and wobbly musical saw in a death-defying, high-wire waltz.

Tango To Go
Sexy, glamorous Tango featuring accordian, guitar, piano and romantic, soaring orchestral strings. Builds to optimistic, bright end.

Vicars Tea Party
Light Brass Band theme in village fete style.  Pastoral, cheery and English as tuppence.

Edmundo Xacto
Comedy cha-cha-cha Latin dance orchestra.

Valse Du Petit Chien
Joyful rendition of Chopin's popular fast waltz, with accordion, fiddle, upright bass and guitar.

The Joker
Fun and bouncy funky house with crazed and twisted sampled trumpet section.

Dirty Nasty
Dark, sexy Electroclash.

Coming Up
Bright, action-packed pop-electro. Big, urgent and euphoric.

Bright and funky Oldskool hip-hop with funky guitar and brass, rumbling bass plus scratching and vocal hits.

Believe The Hype
Buzzing dancefloor Electro alternates with retro Synth-Pop.

The Rumble
Driving tribal drums, catchy brass, and wacky sound fx. Untamed retro-eighties dancefloor fun!

Dirty Love
Sultry, glam-flavoured electro/synth-pop with a big retro string/theremin theme.

St Tropez Nights
Jazzy guitar and flute over cool, upbeat, Lounge/House.

Tokyo Vogue
Upbeat Pop/Dance with voices and Rock guitar. Flavours of traditional and modern Japan.

Encounters With Storms
Orchestral minimalism. Tentative and suspenseful intro rising in drama and intensity to stormy climax. 

Mystic River
Solemn, pensive intro to massive, portentous orchestral chord cycle - lush, haunting and epic.

The Madness Of The King
Urgent orchestral Minimalism with a dreamlike, melodramatic edge.

Autumn Enigma
Brooding orchestral/electronic contemporary soundtrack to darkness, glamour and mystery.

Huge and majestic symphonic theme to natural grandeur - modern and epic.

The Summit
Epic orchestral/choral theme with massive drums.

Face Off
Moody, funky trip-hop interweaving orchestral and electronica elements.

Valley Of The Gods
Doom-laden intro into brooding, momentous orchestral anthem with haunting Duduk, builds to triumphant climax.

Dead Man's Gulch
Dark drone with bluesy Dobro slide guitar.

Born To Fly
Busy and dynamic electronic/orchestra hybrid. Urgent, uplifting, inspiring.

Glowingly nostalgic orchestral love letter to a bygone age, with a strong American flavour.

Full Of Hope
Touching intro builds with orchestra to epic theme and grand finale. Gloriously stirring, optimistic and joyful.

Built On Trust
Thoughtful piano intro joined by harp and orchestra growing to positive, gently emphatic conclusion.

Valse D'Amour
Graceful waltzing solo cello figures joined by delicate chamber orchestra accompaniment. Romance with a touch of sadness.

The Passage Of Time
Intensely meditative and poignant, delicately filmic piano over a light orchestral bed.

Costume Drama
Grand piano builds to emotive climax with romantic string orchestra before dropping to solo piano diminuendo.

Goulash Rhapsody
Explosively energetic arrangement for gypsy dance band of Brahm's Hungarian Dances.

Gypsy Nights
Authentic, virtuosic arrangement of classic Russian gypsy folk lament featuring violin and accordion. Simmering passion builds to dramatic climax.

Whimsical orchestral fantasy with plucked strings, xylophone, woodwind and brass. Busy, light-hearted and playful.

Magic Without Tears
Magical, enchanted waltz featuring piano over animated chamber orchestra.

Country House
Dainty piano and oboe over sprightly classical orchestra. Elegant and carefree.

Nature Trail
Gentle acoustic guitar picking joined by soft percussion and bass. Ambling and easy-going.

A Day in the Life
Minimalist solo piano. Lively, exuberant, fluid and feelgood.

Morning Sunlight
Piano and orchestra plus subtle electronics in this modern homage to Greig's immortal Peer Gynt, Suite No. 1

Gadding About
Fast, Hot Club of Paris style acoustic Guitar jazz- double bass accompaniment- good natured and fun

Vintage cheesy organ comedy tune, punctuated with fake quacks. Remarkably foolish.

Mr Lazy
Ambling Trad jazz with ukulele, mute trumpet, clarinet and comic whistles. Sleepy swinging slapstick!

Old Skool Ting
Retro 60s mid-tempo swinging ska.

Santa\'s Shopping Trip
A bouncy, jolly Retro Christmas tune with sleigh bells, bassoon, celeste and strings. Key change at 59s.

All We Wanted
Desire-themed driving Indie vocal rock/pop with a wistful edge.

Neon Wonderland
Fast, exuberant Big Beat with drums and guitars. Partying, confident and uplifting.

Whistle Punk
Punk guitar over modern beat. With whistling on top.

Let\'s Get Wasted
Simmering Nu Punk/Grunge - modern, dazed and dirty. Chorus- 'Let's get wasted'

On Fire
Roller-coaster grungy/retro guitar rock workout with impassioned male vocal line - 'You set me, on fire.'

Stadium Brazil
Thunderous Brazilian carnival drums and Samba whistles - with and without vuvuzelas and stadium crowd FX

Disturbing crime scene atmospherics into (0:49) brutal, malevolent Dubstep with occasional voice sample -'Bitch'.

Golden Feet
Percussion-heavy Jazz-samba tear-up with fiery, soaring trumpet lead.

Half Pipe
Fast, driving Post-Grunge rocker. Tough and exuberant.

Frenetic EDM with unhinged bendy synth over bouncing Latin beats.

Wall Of Drums
Hard-punching, big Afro-Latin carnival drums with and without football stadium FX.

The Build Up
Dark, ominous pulses explode into aggressive Afro-Latin carnival drums.

Massive, epic choral/orchestral action over thunderous tribal drumming.

Forging Ahead
Uplifting and energetic indie rock anthem.

Thoughtful, futuristic minimal techno; ambient electronica drones to brooding minimal electro bass, drum machine and android effects.

Aurora Nights
Hyper-cool electro-chill with dreamy, intoxicated Nordic female vocal.

From Darkness
Intense, menacing drone swells into rolling, minimal electronic groove and atmospehrics. Cool, dark and powerful.

Binary Boy
Cool but fun electro-house with intriguing 3 bar loop structure.

Lush and spacious sculpted ambient soundscape over Hang Drum bed.

Discrete Pleasures
Luminous, intriguing orchestral electronica - mysterious and seductive.

Glass City Dreams
Serious/neutral chimes sequence with vocal accents develops with beat and dramatic rock guitar solo section in the middle.

Metal Mystery
Pensive, acoustic ambient/light orchestral soundtrack with metallic sound design elements.

Dream Tech
Dreamy, inspiring minimal tech atmosphere builds with beats and fx.

Scary Sexy
Intense sci-fi electronic ambience cuts to eerie, rumbling trip-hop groove, with creepy whispering FX. Hi-tech, sexy and scary.

Django To Go
Exuberant 30s 'Hot Club de Paris' -style jazz; violin soloing over foot-tapping acoustic guitar led jazz trio.

Swingalonga Monkey
Bright and brassy Retro Latin fresh from the ballroom. With Cuica sounding somewhat like a monkey.

Riviera Retro
Retro Latin lounge evokes 60's glamour on the Cote D'Azur.

Fast tribal African drums and percussion.

Dreamland Africa
Uplifting, flowing, feelgood World/African cross-over with distant voices.

Whirling Turkish/Iranian traditional drums and percussion.

Kalandula Falls
Uplifting, expansive atmosphere with tribal percussion and happy female vocals and ululations.

Image from NASA
Wondrous, sensual, unfolding soundscape. Archaic wind instruments over lush deep chords. (7 mins). (stereo & surround mixes)

Killarney Leap
Rollocking, fast Irish jig with whistles and bodhrans. A thumping, happy festive dance tune ideal for St Patrick's Day!

Township Chorale
South African male voice choir give beautiful rendition of traditional Zulu religious song.