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100% Bluegrass

Classic Kentucky Bluegrass with fiddle, banjo & vocals - for US history, films, documentaries

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Big Eyed Rabbit
Rollicking square dance with vocal celebrating the joys of hunting rabbits and wives.

Bumblebee In A Jug
Jolly, spirited American folk hoedown featuring fiddle and banjo plus folk tap-dancing.

Dry And Dusty
Easygoing, lightly romantic Bluegrass folk dance.

Nobody's Business
Anarchic American Folk celebration of Laissez-faire, with rip-roaring fiddle and exuberant vocal.

Hang Me
Intensely bleak, desolate American folk lament - unaccompanied male vocal and violin.

Cumberland Gap
Happy, thriving American Bluegrass folk dance with blazing fiddle lead. Alternate downtempo, gentle version available.

5 Miles To Town
Good-natured midtempo American folk-dance. Warm and rolling.

New 5 Cents
Light and happy American Bluegrass folk with violin and banjo.

Old Mother Flanagan
Happy, rolling Bluegrass folk-dance with fiddle and banjo.

Old Dan Tucker
Classic American-folk nonsense-song.

Going To Town
Runaway fiddle leads a breakneck American folk reel.

Fall On My Knees
Rolling American folk featuring fiddle and banjo with male vocal about love gone astray.

Fort Smith Breakdown
Breakneck Bluegrass folk-dance fiddle and banjo workout. Fast, furious fun.

Sixteen On Sunday
Jolly, rolling American folk-dance.

Up Jumped Trouble
Affable, lilting bar-fight theme with a touch of romance.