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Caribbean Vacation

Upbeat pop-reggae celebrating the good life - for holidays, lifestyle, travel

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Caribbean Affair
Warm, rolling reggae groove with romantic steel drum melody.

The Good Life
Sunny, rolling, Old-Skool reggae with manically upbeat MC vocals.

Coconut Grove
Lazy reggae groove with sunny steel drum tune.

Ocean Breeze
Happy and bright classic upbeat reggae groove with close harmony wordless vocal.

Big Splash
Happy retro reggae/calypso with steel drums. Tropical family fun.

Old Skool Ting
Retro 60s mid-tempo swinging ska.

Montego Sunset
Dreamy, upbeat mid-tempo pop-reggae, featuring romantic mandolin and guitar melodies.

Island Hopping
Rolling reggae with an active flavour.

Islands In The Sun
Laid-back oldskool reggae with jazzy guitar and steel drums.

Montego Road
Upbeat pop-reggae for happy activity.

Say Yeah
Easygoing mid-tempo pop-reggae with carefree vocal chant and whistling.

Sunshine And Palms
Warm and friendly slow pop-reggae with an upbeat steel-drum tune.

Let The Sun Shine
Easygoing vocal pop-reggae celebrating sunshine.

Lazy Life
Cheerfully idle, slow reggae groove with smiley steel-drum tune and whistling.

Mellow Surfer
Classic easygoing pop-reggae with retro surf guitar lead.

Sun Sun Sun
Laid back soca/calypso with bouncy brass and steel drums, and male vocal chant 'Sun sun...'

On The Beach
Sunny upbeat soca/calypso with heartfelt male vocal intro, into bouncy brass and steel drums.

Gimme Sunshine
Energetic soca/calypso with male chant into brass and steel drums-led groove.

Rum Sun Fun
Sunny and energetic ska-reggae instrumental with brass section. Retro and fun.

Here Comes The Sun
Sunny reggae with vocal: 'Here comes the sun'.