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Happy World 2

More endearing dottiness from the pen of Professor Jonathan Palmer - for contemporary lifestyle TV

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Cloud Waltz
Happy, dreamy, gently whimsical, acoustic pop-folk waltz.

Strolling In Toyland
Good-natured, sunny pop-folk with a wistful, nostalgic touch.

Day Out
Super easygoing summery acoustic pop with trumpet and violins.

Doo Dum
Dreamily friendly, sunny folky acoustic pop with male vocal 'doo dum' repeated.

Easy As Pie
Bright, sunny, positive easy-listening, with a touch of 70s retro.

Sunshine Street
Manically good-natured and sunny African flavoured pop-folk groove. Busy, bright and happy.

Happy Digits
Happy, bleepy vintage videogame soundalike. Digital without tears.

Happy Gentle
Super-sunny carefree acoustic pop with outbreaks of whistling.

Manically upbeat acoustic pop romp with a tropical twist.

Lala Lala
Gentle, surreally happy acoustic-pop with whistling and simple La-la vocal.