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Emotive Stories

Sadness balanced with hope & consolation - for emotional features, drama & documentary

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A Better World
Thoughtful, atmospheric orchestral indie with a hopeful message, featuring toy piano.

Dreaming The Dream
Dreamy, pensive, ambient pads and orchestra resolve to consoling conclusion.

Touching Story
Tender and emotional piano solo with light string accompaniment. Gently positive.

Victims Of Conflict
Darkly atmospheric, portentous ambient trip-hop with a World twist - resolves positively.

Building A Future
Dreamy and pensive orchestral waltz with mysterious pads and effects. Hopeful and gently magical.

Reaching Out
Pensive, atmospheric intro with emotive piano plus sound design and voice grows orchestrally to questioning conclusion.

Things Can Change
Emotive, rolling Indie Rock with big building string section.

Slow, sensitive piano builds gently with lush string orchestra. Poignant and emotive.

Journey To Hope
Warm, emotive piano over swirling orchestra. Poignant and gently positive.

Gentle and eerie piano-led contemporary soundtrack. Floaty and emotional.

Full Of Hope
Touching intro builds with orchestra to epic theme and grand finale. Gloriously stirring, optimistic and joyful.

Help Is At Hand
Wistful piano explodes into ultra-feelgood Indie Rock anthem at 20secs. Emotive soundtrack to humanitarian endeavour.

Dawn Of Hope
Slow reflective piano builds with emotional orchestral strings. Poignant and touching.

Needing Love
Wordless vocal over simple ukulele develops with a slow march beat. Emotional and touching.