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Sunny Days Ahead

Light, caring and friendly indie folk/pop - for advertising, corporate promotion and kids

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Sunny Days Ahead
Carefree and infectiously happy acoustic Pop with quirky male vocal tune and whistling.

No Cares
Carefree, catchy whistling over strummed ukelele and double-bass, develops with breezy beat and quirky xylophone.

Bright And Breezy
Sparkling melody over upbeat folky Pop. Takes off to a running adventure with mandolin at 48 secs.

Sunny Side Up
Bouncy, happy male vocal melody over plinky-plonky ukuleles, piano and banjo.

Happy Gadget
Light, chirpy melody, electro beats and folk instruments. Cute and quirky.

Say Cheese!
Happy vocal melody over folky guitar, piano and percussion. Upbeat and carefree.

Happy Days
Lighthearted, cheerful whistling melody over acoustic bass, guitar, ukulele, claps and percussion.

She Walks By
Cheerful, upbeat acoustic Pop with ukulele, quirky melody and male backing vocals.

I'll Be There
Happy acoustic Folk-Pop with whistling melody develops with rolling drums, percussion and claps. Upbeat, gentle and warm.

Family Fun
Bright melody with gentle vocal backing and folk instruments. Light, airy and upbeat.

The Little Things
Quirky xylophone and glockenspiel over a driving Folk rhythm. Light and simple.

Light Hearts
Simple ukulele and acoustic guitar builds over light clapping, folk instruments and cellos. 

Run Down Hills
Upbeat, cheerful acoustic Folk/Pop takes you on a running journey. Simple celeste and guitar (half time) kick into full pace at 53 secs.

Whistle To Work
Cheery whistling over simple ukulele and guitar. Develops with band.