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Songs In Blue

Passionate, intimate male vocal pop songs - for tv drama, films, advertising

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Let Yourself Be Beautiful
Wistful male-vocal Pop song with feelgood chorus.

Can't Get You Out Of My Heart
Warm, intimate male-vocal acoustic Pop song. Passionate and romantic.

Slow, emotional, acoustic male vocal pop song about searching for love.

Running Away With My Heart
Slow, romantic Pop song with acoustic guitar, strings and male vocal celebrating newfound love.

More Love Please
Intimate, slow, catchy male-vocal pop song expressing longing for love.

I Just Wanna Be Loved
Heartfelt, wistful male-vocal pop song with laid-back beat, acoustic guitar and strings.

Parade Rain
Reflective acoustic Pop song about lost love with male lead vocal.

The Speed Of Dark
Melancholic male vocal Pop song about lost love.

To Let Go
Slow, sad, waltzing Pop song with reflective male vocal.

Slow, melancholic, dreamy acoustic Pop with reflective male vocals.

Twenty Four Seven
Melancholic, slow acoustic-Pop love song with male vocal.