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Edge Of Darkness

Extremely dark, minimal atmospheres & drones - for horror, disasters & dark drama.

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Alien Space
Ultra-minimal delicate atmosphere; creepy, spacey, futuristic sci-fi.

Ghost Freighter
Haunting minimalist atmosphere/drone, with listless violin and distant bells.

Beyond Desolation
Intensely desolate, atmospheric, acoustic/electronic drone

An Evil Presence
Extremely creepy, threatening chamber orchestra atmosphere in ghostly waltz-time.

Hell Chamber
Ultra creepy spacey atmospheric drones with tortured metal effects.

The Abyss
Nightmare shifting, evolving drone. If Hell has a soundtrack, this is it.

Very Very Nasty
Strings-based, intensely creepy, atonal atmosphere/drone for hunting ghosts and serial killers. 

Unmarked Grave
Ultimately creepy atonal string melody over restless atonal orchestral drones. Grimly filmic horror.

Evil Afoot
Harp leading classically creepy orchestral atmospherics - furtive and ghostly.

Ghost Mountain
Bleak, mournful Celtic flavoured lament for cello with ghostly effected background bed.

Voices In My Head
Disjointed piano figures over glitchy drums and bass notes with whispery vocals in background. Music to lose your mind to.

Dark Happenings
Creepy, listless piano solo over haunting effected atmospherics.

Scary Sexy
Intense sci-fi electronic ambience cuts to eerie, rumbling trip-hop groove, with creepy whispering FX. Hi-tech, sexy and scary.

We Have A Problem
Creepily urgent digital gamelan and bells plus atmospheric electronica.