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Retro Kitsch

Dancing and cocktails with Brigitte Bardot on Tahiti Beach, 1964.

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Shopper's Paradise
Super-kitsch, sunny retro Latin easy-listening. Music to buy kitchen appliances to, circa 1962.

Bim Bam Boom
60s retro Afro-Cuban Cha-Cha kitsch-fest featuring sultry female vocals and explosive brass. Fun, catchy and cute.

Vintage cheesy organ comedy tune, punctuated with fake quacks. Remarkably foolish.

Chihuahua Cha Cha
Vintage big-band Cuban Cha-Cha with soaring Mexican trumpet lead - sunshine, tequila and fun South of the Border.

Swingalonga Monkey
Bright and brassy Retro Latin fresh from the ballroom. With Cuica sounding somewhat like a monkey.

Mango Fandango
Exceedingly kitsch/nostalgic, ultra-romantic 50s/60s retro Tango - see versions for extra-vintage LoFi cuts.

Mr Silly Takes A Spin
Delectably daft vintage 60s sitcom music. Kitsch and cheesy to the max.

Mr Debonair
Lush, cool and dangerous 60s easy listening - Steve McQueen with a shoulder-holster.

Retro Beach
Sunny, whimsical retro 50's pop with sparkling bells and catchy guitar melody. Dreamy, surf fantasy.

Magic Carpet Ride
Retro 60s light jazz with waltzing trombone lead over Hammond Organ.

Jazz drummer performs swinging solo. Energetic, fun and kicking!