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Tudor and Renaissance

Court dances, merry galliards and airs abound! -
for documentary, period drama, history

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Among The Roses
Pensive recorder and duduk over early string ensemble. Beautiful, reflective, romantic and slow.

Be Of Good Cheer
Gently filmic, cheery Tudor wind ensemble with lute and light percussion. Neutral and positive.

Come Again Sweet Love
Recorder-led arrangement of Tudor composer John Downland's bitter-sweet love song from 1597; with lute, viol da gamba and percussion.

Fanfare For The Renaissance Man
Tudor/Renaissance fanfare with sackbuts, shawm, lute and recorder sections.

Rossetti painting photo by Maris Stella
Solo recorder plays well-known 16th century English lullaby with building, early instruments accompaniment.

Hey Nonny No
Strident Elizabethan romp featuring assorted reeds and stirring percussion.

King Of Denmark's Galliard
Arrangement of John Downland's popular Renaissance dance tune written in 1604 featuring recorder, viol, lute and percussion.

Pavan And Galliard In F
Elegant Elizabethan keyboard music (on virginal) by William Byrd (1543-1623).

Renaissance Epic
Orchestra and Renaissance instruments build with suspenseful cinematic drama to grand finale.

The Queen's Galliard
Courtly Tudor solo lute 'Galliard' by John Downland (1563–1626) dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I.

Tudor Ave Verum Corpus
Image by Acabashi
Arrangement of William Byrd's 'Ave Verum Corpus' played on Tudor instruments. Solemn and beautiful.

Tudor Life
Simple musical backdrop to Tudor life feat. pipe with lute and drum.

Tudors At Work
Light background to everyday Tudor/Renaissance life feat. pipes, lutes and drum.

What Harvest Half So Sweet
Instrumental of romantic song written by Thomas Campion in 1618 featuring bagpipe and other Tudor instruments.

When Shall My Sorrowful Sighing Slack
Arrangement of Thomas Tallis' Tudor lament played with viola da gamba, recorders, sackbutts, lute and percussion.