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Steampunk Circus

A retro-futurist cabaret. Sumptuously surreal & wickedly weird.

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Dance Bizarre
Surreal, Vaudeville brass band waltz with accordion & glockenspiel.  Strange minimal 'clockwork' version available.

Steampunk Circus
Circus organ, bendy tymps, plodding tuba and wobbly musical saw in a death-defying, high-wire waltz.

Steam Age Paris
Plodding, weary burlesque band playing the very late-shift, with steam FX. Comically downbeat and surreal.

The Magic Clock
Warmly fantastical orchestral waltz with grandfather clock ticking FX.

Clockwork Heart
Ticking clock and music-box over bright orchestral backing - lightly magical and uplifting.

Waltz Of The Drunken Clowns
Plodding circus-band waltz with cheap organ lead and steam FX. 

Night At The Engineerium
Weirded-out fantastical disco house featuring theremin.

Toyshop Fantasia
Enchanted orchestral fairytale waltz with music-box.

Cirque Surreal
Quirky, urgent  Electro-Tango with a frisson of light, mounting tension.

Toy Waltz
Lilting nursery waltz with la-la vocal doubling wobbly bowed-saw melody over toy piano and plodding tuba bass. 

The Cat And The Canary
Surreal, plinky-plonk waltz with out-of-tune autoharp, piano and scratchy viola scrapes. Strange and mischievous.

Clockwork Dolls
Jerky toy piano, recorder, female voice and 'clockwork' sounds. Busy, surreal and weirdly cute.