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Destination Asia

Eclectic mix of Asian/Western Fusion - for travel, documentaries, business, films

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Three Kingdoms
Haunting Korean bamboo flute (Daegeum), zither and slow Asian percussion.

Road To Laos
Exotic, unfolding atmosphere builds throughout with flowing plucked Asian instruments and percussion.

Return To China
Pensive acoustic guitar, Chinese percussion and Pipa (lute) develop to soaring, romantic anthem with strings.

Bike Asia
Easygoing, cheery holiday atmosphere with Asian percussion, sitar, flutes and bells. Quirky and fun.

Mysterious oriental atmosphere with zither and flute builds with exotic gongs and drums.

Gateway To China
Gentle flute intro builds with traditional Chinese instruments and plucked strings to soaring, flowing anthem.

Neon Asia
Mid-paced Western/Asian crossover with moody voices, flutes and gong ending.

Asian Summer Rain
Warm, tinkling Asian atmosphere with a sad, romantic feel.

Dawn Asia
Mysterious atmosphere with Asian bells and flutes.

Spring Dance
Lively, joyful, traditional Chinese Harp (Guzheng), flute (Dizi), lute (Pipa) and percussion.

The Lotus Garden
Meditative, gently upbeat Chinese orchestra featuring Guzheng ('Chinese harp') and Erhu ('Chinese Violin') with rolling percussion. Simple, charming and slightly Westernised.

Eastern Glow
Spacious, sparkling atmosphere with chilled beat and Japanese female vocal snippets.

House Of Wushu
Relentless martial drums with evocative Chinese/Asian instruments and emotive voices.

Journey East
Neutral, upbeat Chillout with Asian flute.

20 sec drone into positive, mid-paced Indian-flavoured Chill with rolling beat, synths and Sitar.

Asian Metropolis
Upbeat, optimistic flowing East/West Fusion with Asian voice, percussion and instruments. Positive and eclectic.