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Space Cowboys

Blues, lounge and electronic atmospherics meet in a deserted late-night diner somewhere out west - strange, edgy modern-retro - for promos, drama, adverts

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Space Cowboys
The perfect soundtrack for cowboys. In space. Vintage space comms over waltzing country guitar ballad.

Dawn Utah
Ambient atmospheric synth drone with bluesy rock guitar lead over.

Drowning Sorrows
Sultry downtempo retro filmic rockabilly with twangy guitar, edgy strings and sexy sax.

Desolation Blues
Sparse, blues-steel guitar figures over bleak, desolate, shifting electronic ambience.

Lonesome Cowboy
Sad and tender ballad to the Big Country - harmonica over acoustic guitar. 

Driving, slide-guitar led roadhouse blues groover - cooly upbeat.

Moody and atmospheric slow indie-rock. Music to prowl the streets at night to.

Atmospheric indie/chillout with pensive electric guitar lead. 

The Late Feature
Atmospheric unplugged jazzy chillout - downbeat, slightly retro, cool and sophisticated.

Mother Earth
Spacious, slowly evolving ambient atmosphere featuring fragments of psychedelic electric guitar. Graceful, awe-inspiring.