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WARNING! Contains Whistling

Eclectic mix of cheery, odd and silly tunes - with whistling - for comedy, advertising, lifestyle

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Whistle While You Walk
Happy, catchy whistling over jazzy scat vocals.

Unfeasibly sunny freak-folk-pop with ukulele, whistling and a hypnotic, slightly surreal close-harmony vocal about hummingbirds. For wacky, happy, smiling hippies everywhere.

Simplicity Itself
Acoustic Freak Folk with whistling and recorder. Simple, sunny and innocent.

Do It Yourself
Happy whistling over light comedic orchestra with plodding tuba bass.

The Whistler
Dangerously catchy whistled theme over atmospheric filmic piano/string chords and skipping trip-hop beats.

The Kazoo Song
Super-silly, super-happy, kazoo and ukulele-led spoof-Dixieland jazz - whistling joins in @ 0:27s.

Surfing On Sunshine
Sunny, jaunty ukulele-led acoustic pop with outbreaks of whistling.

Whistle Punk
Punk guitar over modern beat. With whistling on top.

Whistle To Work
Cheery whistling over simple ukulele and guitar. Develops with band.

Fun Tonight
Impossibly upbeat mid-tempo semi-acoustic retro-pop/folk with male vocal (chorus: 'we're gonna have some fun tonight') - features whistling.

Down The Pub
Honky-tonk piano, cheery whistled tune and tuba evoke English seaside and pub jollies.

Happy Workman
Whistling over ukulele and sparse drum kit. Sunny, light  and minimal.

Smiley Town
Light Pop-African backing with cheerful whistling.

Happy Theme
Chirpy, energetic whistling over upbeat reggae/pop.