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Day Of The Gypsy

An intoxicating celebration of Roma culture from the Carpathians to the cafés of Paris - for adverts, drama, culture

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Goulash Rhapsody
Explosively energetic arrangement for gypsy dance band of Brahm's Hungarian Dances.

Gypsy Nights
Authentic, virtuosic arrangement of classic Russian gypsy folk lament featuring violin and accordion. Simmering passion builds to dramatic climax.

Skopje Road
Sultry, cocquettish Macedonian gypsy folk dance in unusual 7/8 metre. 

Dance Till Dawn
Breakneck, whirling gypsy dance - passionate and romantic.

Slazcek Spin
Rocket-propelled gypsy folk-dance with lush, romantic mid-section, winding back up to triumphal, high-speed finale.

Fields Of Dalaman
Wild folk theme evoking the arid Eastern extremes of Europe, featuring Saz and accordion.

The Wedding Carriage
Light and happy gypsy folk-dance with exaggeratedly soulful interludes. Summery, upbeat comedy-romance.

The Marriage Dance
Joyous, earthy, rustic wedding dance for gypsy quartet led by runaway fiddle.

I Dream Of Moldavia
Wild, proud gypsy folk with violin and accordion builds with sentimental passion to end.

The Pursuit Of Love
Hi-speed comedy-romance gypsy-folk based on Vittorio Monti's classic 'Whistle Hora' or 'Whistling Duck'.

Runaway Train
Musically complex, kaleidoscopic gypsy folk dance workout with athletic violin lead and archly comic overtones.

Boulevard Of Love
Intricate, romantic gypsy flavoured Hot Jazz with accordion and violin trading leads - fast and fiery climax.