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Abstract sound sculptures morphing into atmospheric musical themes - technology and sensuality collide - for promos, films, sports, drama

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Bad Android
Dark industrial wasteland FX intro into grand dubstep processional - fast-cut rapid action mid section.

Night Prowler
Sinister atmospherics into cool, glamorous electronic lounge-house groove.

The Pit Lane
Hi tech race-car themed sound-design intro to purposeful orchestral action theme. Click photo to access version without car FX.

Face Off
Moody, funky trip-hop interweaving orchestral and electronica elements.

From The Dark
Atmospheric electronica with a touch of melodrama and dark glamour.

Licence To Kill
Crime scene effects into brooding, retro minimal trip-hop with mute-trumpet.

Stealth Tech
Tiptoeing, jazz tinged intro to light electronic groove with retro brass lead and string accents. Light hearted mystery.

Design Ethic
Suspenseful Hi Tech atmospherics with orchestral underscore. Versions with electronic and orchestral components separated.

Speed Matters
Urgent electronica over shifting abstract atmospherics.

Future Disco
Urgent, robotic intro falls into catchy electro-house groove.

What Lies Beneath
Seriously dark and spacey orchestral/electronic motifs over techy rhythmic atmospherics.