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Alt. Rock

Hard-hitting Post-Grunge, Nu-Metal & Alternative Rock - for promos, sports, trailers, films

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Suck It Up
Towering Metal-Dubstep anthem builds with intense male vocal.

Mind Games
Driving Post-Grunge with a twist of downbeat drama.

Devil Dance
Heavy riffing, feelgood Post-Grunge Rock.

Half Pipe
Fast, driving Post-Grunge rocker. Tough and exuberant.

Spider Child
Flaming Post-Grunge Rock. Pensive and edged with tension.

Paradise Garage
Smoking Grunge Rock anthem with attitude - too cool for school.

Wings Of Fire
Rip-roaring Hard Rock with exhilarating finale. Built for speed.

Captive Hearts
Mid-paced Post-Grunge. Reflective and soaring.

Night Ride
Urgent, emphatic, crowd-rousing Post-Grunge Rock.

Battle Wagon
Rabble-rousing Post-Grunge anthem with powerful drums/guitar riffing sections.

Smoke City
Triumphant, pile-driving Post-Grunge power-anthem.

Boy's Toys
Driving, headbanging, feelgood Rock.

Shake It
Fast, fun and furious Nu-Punk/Pop-Rocker.

Celtic Mayhem
Reeling, Celtic-flavoured Rock with blistering guitar. Builds to exciting climax.