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Pop-Electro 2

Big, bright and glamorous - for fashion, showbiz, teens, promos

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Young And Free
Teen-friendly Electro builds from dirty dancefloor groover to huge Pop-Trance anthem.

Pick N Mix
Easily editable sequence of generic Electro-Pop grooves for an instant pop-up bright and techy atmosphere.

DJ Power
Buzzing main-room Electro Synth-Pop anthem with big builds and grinding grooves - high-adrenaline fun.

Light The Sky
Explosively energised Electro with intense driving verses into towering, hands-in-the-air choruses.

A List
Grandiose intro into cool Electro groover with roller-coaster ups and downs.

Hands In The Air
Pounding Electro-House for partying hard.

Dream Candy
Cute and playful intro riffs over solid Electro-Disco build to big anthemic Electro chorus.

Believe The Hype
Buzzing dancefloor Electro alternates with retro Synth-Pop.

Planet Disco
Driving Synth-Disco with a bright and bleepy topline. Fun and sexy.

Up In Lights
Towering Electro-Pop anthem; alternately massive and super-punchy.

Electric Life
Fizzy Tech-Electro with a bright, technological edge.

Frenzied House-Electro dancefloor stormer.