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Late Show

Retro light entertainment styles -
for tv chat, game & review shows

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Late Show
Catchy TV theme tune featuring Hammond organ over chatshow-style house band.

Funtime Tonight
Super-upbeat retro-sixties TV theme tune with cheesy vintage organ and glitzy brass.

Shaftesbury Avenue
Light-hearted, welcoming showbiz theme with catchy brass, harmonica and upbeat percussion.

Upbeat glitzy, Latin dance band with catchy brass tune. Lively and glam.

Talk Show
Fast and fun showbiz band with brass, sax and guitars builds to exhilarating climax.

Funky Time
Rolling retro (70s) jazzy, funky groove with piano and wah-wah guitar.

The Review
Breezy retro-sixties Hammond organ over light swing beat with classical twist.

Happy Go Lucky
Purposeful upbeat house-band with plucked strings, organ and piano taking turns center stage. Breezy accompaniment to light action.

Late Cool
Smoky, smooth late-night Jazz with a retro feel and catchy laid-back riff.

Chat Show
Cool jazz ensemble with Hammond Organ and Brass accents; sophisticated upbeat uptempo 6/8 jazz.

Mr Magic
Funky go-go music feat. blazing Hammond and cheesy synths with kitsch glitzy retro Vegas feel.