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Babies And Toddlers

Sleepy lullabies and music for toddlers having fun - for adverts, kids tv, babies, nursery & preschool

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Simple piano arpeggio develops into flowing, retrospective, magical childhood atmosphere.

Simple, touching glockenspiel with harp and strings. Peaceful and innocent.

Simple Pleasures
Simple, delicate melody develops throughout with light beats and folk instruments. Airy and innocent.

Tots Party Time
Bouncy, happy, fast music for young kids having fun.

Right Side Of The Bed
Quirky vocal melody over light ukulele and claps into upbeat acoustic Folk with recorders.

Kids Having Fun
Bright, bouncy, catchy, upbeat soundtrack to playtime.

Bedtime Stories
Tinkling bedtime lullaby with glockenspiel, acoustic guitar and flute.

Nite Nite
Slow and sleepy lullaby with warm acoustic guitar and tinkling bells. Tender and magical.

Early Years
Warm, rolling marimba and gentle flute. Simple, happy and child-friendly.

Simple, bright musical backdrop to early-learning with cyclical plucked sounds and pipes.

Blowing Bubbles
Dreamy, innocent toddler fun with flutes, harp and popping sounds.

Enchanted Waltz
Clockwork music box builds with strings and female choir to magical fantasy waltz.

Counting Sheep
Simple nursery-rhyme-like tune on recorder, flute and bells. Short intro to rhythm.

Toddler Tech
Fast, fun kids tune with a modern, technological feel.

Funny Kids
Gentle, innocent, wacky kids having fun. Cute and comic.

Simple, warm kids tune with happy "La-Di-Da" female vocal and whistling.

Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush
Modern instrumental version of the traditional nursery rhyme with beats, synths and recorder. Touching and carefree.