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Cute Acoustic Pop

Quirky, acoustic vocal pop songs - for adverts, fashion, drama

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The Girl I Want To Be
Enchanted, waltzing toy-music/merry-go-round backing with wistful, naive pop-folk female vocal about chasing dreams.

Beautiful Place
Shiningly positive female vocal over rolling acoustic backing led by intricate sparkling chimes and mandolin. Impossibly upbeat.

Go Get 'Em
Sunny, cheerful acoustic pop with playful male and female vocal tunes plus whistling over upbeat acoustic guitar.

Follow The Sun
Breezy, sunny pop-folk with dreamily innocent, feelgood female vocal.

Make Believe
Cute, sunny girl vocal over light acoustic folk-pop backing.

Getting Easier
Beyond-upbeat vocal/acoustic celebration of the shiniest upside of life - 'It's getting easier'.

Happy Planet
Super-smiley vocal-acoustic hymn to simple happiness.

Whistle While You Wash
Light and sunny mandolin-led acoustic backing with sunny whistling and la-la vocal tunes.

Top Of The World
Cute, childlike acoustic/electric pop with quirky, super-happy female vocal.

All I Need
Gentle, dreamy acoustic pop with cute romantic female vocal.

Sugar In My Tea
Sunny, innocent love song over upbeat pop folk backing featuring ukelele.

Venus And Mars
Sunny, innocent female vocal acoustic pop. Cute, spacey, romantic.