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Television Drama

Soundtracks for emotive stories on a human scale -
for drama, documentary, human interest

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Nordic Mystery
Brooding, moody strings, piano and electronica with a touch of the Nordic crime dramas.

Anger Management
Dark indie/chemical rock.

The Question
Breezy piano and guitar lead strings in a lightly urgent, skipping 3/4 theme.

Haunting, delicate piano and guitar figures.

Missing Person
Tense, moody trip-hop with glitchy beats, piano, strings and atmospheric electronica. 

Autumn Affair
Thoughtful solo piano joined by chamber strings for gently emotive soundtrack with a rural flavour.

When People Hurt
Intense, soul-searching hybrid soundtrack with piano lead and abstract female vocal.

Cold Night Sky
Moody hybrid soundtrack with marimba figures over sparse piano and strings. Bleakly beautiful.

Piano solo - sombre opening gradually brightens through neutral to gently uplifting conclusion.

Perfect Summer
Wistful piano figures over hybrid backing. Thoughtful and gently positive.

Sad Piano
Pensive, expressive and sad solo piano.

Conflicted Feelings
Piano-led hybrid soundtrack with a dreamy, thoughtful edge and a touch of sadness.

Sad, reflective piano figures over minimal atmosphere.

Work In Progress
Urgent, serious piano indie soundtrack.

Setting Things Right
Thoughtful, purposeful, hybrid abstract soundtrack featuring guitar, strings and electronica.

Mournful piano solo is joined by melodica for emotive climax.

Thoughtful, mid-tempo indie rocker with emotive piano melody and punchy, emphatic rhythm section.

Thoughtful guitar intro into serious, restless, breaks-driven indie pop-rocker.

Racing Back
Edgy intro grows into increasingly uplifting and urgent indie soundtrack.