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Gently uplifting, sunny, euphoric tracks - for holidays, leisure and relaxation

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I'm So High
Light, chilled beat with sensual female voices and gently euphoric tune. Carefree, dreamy, relaxed and sensual.

Passion For Life
Blissful, sparkling and upbeat. Alternates from warm sections to light beats with uplifting piano and bells.

Simple Beauty
Warm rolling piano with guitar and synth washes. Neutral, cosy, mellow atmosphere.

Freedom Flight
Heavenly soprano voice soars over stately, building string orchestra. Sublime beauty, grace and euphoria.

Joyous electric guitar chimes over slowly rolling beat and glittering synth. Lush, positive and uplifting.

Life Tastes Good
Ethereal, flowing piano joined by sparkling synth. Light and euphoric.

Walking On Air
Cheery and optimistic with tinkling bells and simple piano. Light, warm, sparkling feelgood.

Sea Of Tranquility
Lonely piano and gently floating strings. Soft, panoramic ambient beauty with light droplet fx.

Heaven Sent
Dreamy, echoing piano tune over steady, rolling beat and warm atmospherics. Gradually cross-fades into hazy ending.

Honeydew Sunlight
Medium-paced, warm, uplifting soundtrack with acoustic guitar builds with euphoric strings, piano and hand-claps.

Warm Chill
Gently upbeat Chillout with ethereal floating guitar and piano. Euphoric and leisurely.

A Touch Of Euphoria
Upbeat, fast-flowing gentle feelgood with guitar and piano.

Blue World
Soft ambient beauty with underwater whale song-like sounds enjoined by light joyful beat.

Buttermilk Sky
Warm Chillout groove builds with piano melody, changing from minor to major key with spacey, soulful female voice.

Gathering Sunrays
Lazily funky chill-lounge with rolling acoustic guitar riff.