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Big Screen Intensity

Explosive, twisted cinematic drama with dazzling orchestration & hi-octane electronica -
for trailers, drama, films

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Before The Storm
Dark, cinematic opening builds with tension to huge, portentous orchestral brass theme before dropping away to mysterious outro.

Haunted Adventure
Tense, urgent beat with funky synth-bass and creepy f/x builds to glamorous orchestral brass/strings theme. Epic thriller.

Terror Pursuit
Fast, frantic drums and orchestra build with increasing sense of fear and urgency to nail-biting climax.

Tech Attack
Manic orchestral glitching over growling synths and fast, driving beat. Cool, confident, tense and menacing.

The Deadline
Building atmosphere of suspense with ticking clock erupts to urgent beat with orchestra.

Fast, tense, pulse-racing action with stuttering brass, huge drums and frenzied orchestra.

Edge Of Darkness
Awesome atmosphere builds with nervous strings and brass crescendos to rolling waves of epic orchestral suspense.

Dark Destiny
Wild atmospheric intro builds with unfolding orchestral drama and sense of wonder to enigmatic ending.

The Eagle Flies
Orchestra builds over galloping rock rhythm section with heroic brass, strings, guitar theme. Soaring and adventurous.

The Last Kingdom
Momentous synth/orchestral montage gradually builds in grandeur to epic, stately conclusion.