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Fun With Dubstep

Light, eclectic Dubstep from fun to frantic - for youth lifestyle and fashion, promos, advertising and sport

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Dubstep Babylon
Reggae based Dubstep with echoing reggae vocals, explosive sci-fi FX and super-catchy rasping bassline.

Game Station
Fidgety dubstep featuring classic arcade game sounds and occasional male vocal sample - 'Hello!'.

Dubstep Party
Fizzing metallic arpeggios over lilting half-tempo dubstep with collage of vocal samples - celebratory with a punch.

Fashion Wars
RnB tinged melodic dubstep with string section toplines and occasional seductive female spoken vocal samples. Slightly dramatic, stylish.

Zombie City
Mysterious intro to abrasive, mechanical leadlines over rumbling dubstep rhythms.

Dubstep Heroes
Cut-up filmic drama interweaves with urgent dubstep rhythm track.

Time Tunnel
Swirling gated pads and sequences over punchy dubstep beats. Abstract energy. 

Feel The Buzz
Buzzy, bendy electro lines over rolling dubstep drums with impact FX.

Dr What?
Intriguing, cute intro riff joined by rolling dubstep groove with urgent bass riff.

Bubble Machine
Sunny, trippy reggae mixed with buzzy, robotic dubstep. Upbeat and quirky.

Swamp Dogz
Lo-Fi string hits and sci-fi FX over squelchy dubstep bass and beats. Wacky and cartoon-sinister.