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Dark Edgy Drama 2

Dark, edgy, tension building tracks - for crime, medical dramas, thrillers & war

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The Last Act
Tense and restless orchestral/choral action theme relentlessly rises through to emphatic climax.

We Regret To Inform
Solemn, filmic orchestral Trip-Hop with a stately feel. Builds gradually to big theme @ 1:06.

Tense intro into massive prowling orchestral/electronic action.

Spy Games
Mysterious and portentous retro-filmic orchestral backing over rolling breakbeat, joined by male and female choral histrionics.

Darkly atmospheric electronic Trip-Hop featuring choir.

Extreme Measures
Tense downbeat intro to dark, bombastic synth theme over massive drums.

Cyber Attack
Tense, atmospheric, urgent Electronica.

Cold War
Shadowy, piano led soundtrack to suspense and intrigue with eerie electronic impacts and FX.

Deadly Assignment
Tense brooding Electronica grows into edgy Eastern tinged Trip-Hop. Dark and filmic.

Dangerous Games
Pensive, Electro-based dramatic soundtrack builds to rolling groove.

Dark Climax
Solemn filmic orchestral intro is joined by prowling Triphop beats. Darkly sexy.

Dark Dealings
Eerie and solemn intro into dark, tortured electronic Dubstep with occasional ethereal female vocal hook. Moody and atmospheric.

Defcon 1
Brooding orchestral intro with massive, stormy Tech-Tribal drums builds to cinematic climax.

Dark, driving Dub-edged Chemical-Rock with Middle-Eastern touches.

Burning Fuse
Tense, urgent Techno/Trip-Hop groove.

Ghosts of Halabja
Dark and eerie soundbed with sinister FX featuring distant, melancholic Arabic chanting.

Enigmatic, spacious electronic/orchestral soundtrack to mystery with a sensual edge.