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Funny Animals

A playful look at animals and nature - from cool cats to cheeky chimps -
for comedy, nature documentaries, kids tv

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Laughing Duck
Comedy marching brass band with cartoonish laughing 'quack' melody and funny whistles.

Funky Monkey
Funky, fun tribal percussion groove with guitar. Versions with or without jungle animal sounds.

Dirty Dog
Funny, funky oldskool Hip-Hop with DJ scratching and breaks. Versions with or without dog barks.

Cool Cat
Comedy retro-60's, slinky swing jazz band with catchy 'meow' synth melody.

Woodland Creatures
Whimsical orchestral fantasy with plucked strings, woodwind and glockenspiel. Magical, tiptoeing waltz.

Life In The Tide Pool
Lively and fun underwater atmosphere with bubble fx, snapping castanets, shimmering vibes and steel drums.

Comic Camel
Hilarious Egyptian 'Sand Dance' with funky drums, shuffling percussion, comic brass and desert fx.

Rainbow Garden
Innocent rural idyll with bouncy Jew's harp, fluttering woodwind and birdsong. Sunny springtime fantasy.

Happy Hippo
Lazy, lumbering brass, rolling drums and happy whistling. Evocative of fat, contended animals.

Light-hearted African percussion, marimba and playful brass. Alternate version with elephant 'trumpeting'.

Visit The Elephants
Blaring brass, rolling kettle drums and xylophone evoke preschool animal parade.

Wonkey Donkey
Slow, comic retro-jazz waltz with clip-clopping claves, accordion, pub piano and bowed saw.

Bouncy, comic, canine kitsch. (versions with or without dog barks)