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Orchestral Drama And Emotion

Emotive orchestral themes - for film, tv, drama, trailers, romance

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Valse D'Amour
Graceful waltzing solo cello figures joined by delicate chamber orchestra accompaniment. Romance with a touch of sadness.

Death In Venice
Impassioned violin melody over piano and chamber orchestra accompaniment. Haunting, intense, tragic.

Magic Without Tears
Magical, enchanted waltz featuring piano over animated chamber orchestra.

Glowingly nostalgic orchestral love letter to a bygone age, with a strong American flavour.

Ancient Mysteries
Lush, exotic orchestral theme blending dark romance with Eastern mystery.

Coming To Terms
Mournful, emotional orchestra and piano progressing to gently consolatory resolution.

Love Returns
Thoughtful piano intro grows into gentle orchestral celebration of love and life.

Miracle In Anytown
Awe-filled orchestral Hollywood fantasy builds through layers of complexity to epic and affirmative climax. 

Sad, soulful flamenco guitar over lush orchestral backing.

Ocean Of Wheat
Warm, emotive, life-affirming orchestral anthem.

Protect And Serve
Emotive solo piano theme joined by stately orchestra and choir.

Silver Lake
Wonder and melancholy in an intensely emotive, gentle orchestral theme.

To The Heavens
Solemn, insistent cello figures evolve into moving, emotive theme with choral highlights.

Waiting For Spring
Thoughtful waltzing piano figures joined by orchestra for rolling, sombre, pastoral theme.

A Time To Feel
Luminous symphonic atmosphere grows midway into indie rock anthem.

Flow Of Memories
Sweetly nostalgic piano playing simple waltz gradually joined by full orchestra. Bittersweet and moving.

Harvest Season
Swirling, romantic orchestral waltz featuring acoustic guitar. 

Honouring The Tradition
Brass-led orchestral tribute to tradition and heritage, with military overtones.

Life Returns
Poignant, gently hopeful piano melody over light orchestral backing - subtly positive resolution.

Spring Dawn
Thoughtful, gliding cello solo over pensive piano/orchestral backing. Abstract, lightly electronic mid-section.

The Parting
Graceful and mournful cello lead over emotive chamber-orchestra. Haunting and intensely emotive.

Wintery, melancholy, downtempo waltz - piano over cello and orchestra.

We Resolve
Complex, slow-moving orchestral theme evolves through perplexity to affirmatory resolution.