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Wondrous Atmospheres

Warm, airy chill and wondrous, ambient, enigmatic soundscapes - for science, nature, graceful sports, leisure

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Lonesome Beauty
Slow, repetitive piano figure over rising and falling breathy voices. Poignant, lonely and wondrous.

Simple Washes
Slow majestic atmosphere with lonely, soaring, ethereal synth. Simple New Age style wondrous beauty.

Slow, wondrous drones with occasional high-pitched bells giving bright starry effect.

Gentle, wondrous, ambient atmosphere with shimmering strings and warm New Age synth pads.

Slow graceful atmosphere with lonely, soaring, distant flute. Simple New Age style wondrous beauty.

Image by ESO - Igor Chekalin
Slowly turning, spacey ambient atmosphere with majestic ethereal sounds.

Light Shift
Massive, gracefully revolving, layered synth panorama.

Light Drops
Echoing drops over soft ambient washes. Sparkling, simple beauty.

Soft Focus
Gently flowing minimalist piano with light euphoric electronic fx. Soft, warm and airy.

Slow Morph
Image by Jurgen Ziewe
Slow, sparse meandering piano with rising and ebbing glassy electronic sounds. Things coming in and out of focus.

Waves of warm chords and sparkling piano. Serene beauty.

Slow Journey
Warm, breathy chords over ultra-chilled beat with lush guitar and underwater fx. Lush, slow, graceful beauty.

Blue Vapour
Moody flickering harmonics over breathy atmosphere. Thoughtful and hypnotic.

Dream Lights
Mellow ambient Chill with piano, bright sparkling bells and deep synth washes.

Ocean Reef
Lush, panoramic, slow rolling chillout with flute and piano.

Through The Haze
Chilled-out Triphop with deep breathy chords. A journey through mysterious beauty.

Breezy, mid-tempo chill with a retro touch.