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Cafe Culture

Light-hearted, fun retro-jazz with a modern twist - for lifestyle, leisure, food & drink

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Jolly, ambling, light French-style cafe-jazz with guitar, accordion, violin and flute.

Lazy Hour
Affable 40s style comedy-jazz homage to contended indolence with scat vocal and mouth-trumpet solo over lazy Djangoesque jazz rhythm section.

Neon Speakeasy
Quirky, partying Ragtime Jazz band mash-up with twisted solo clarinet and modern dance beat.

Valse Du Petit Chien
Joyful rendition of Chopin's popular fast waltz, with accordion, fiddle, upright bass and guitar.

Ragtime Bordeaux
Tongue-in-cheek Disco-Jazz mixing 'roaring twenties' style Ragtime band with sax lead and driving modern dance beats.

Clarinet Café
Light, intimate Ragtime Jazz trio with cheerful clarinet lead.

Time Out
Easygoing swing jazz guitar duet. Relaxed, happy and warm.

Do It Fast
Fast-paced acoustic retro (50s/60s) jazz quartet with piano and guitar leads.

La Belle France
Bright and breezy light Trad Jazz band with jolly piano and accordion.

Boulevard Of Love
Intricate, romantic gypsy flavoured Hot Jazz with accordion and violin trading leads - fast and fiery climax.

Keeping Busy
Swinging Jazz/Blues jam with drums, walking bass, spoons and saucepans. Light-hearted fun.

Café Paris
Easygoing swing-jazz with accordion and mellow guitar. Gallic gastronomy!