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Champions Of Sport

The emotions of sport - determination, action, winning, euphoria and despair -
for the Olympics, sports, tv, trailers, films

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The Stadium
Momentous, uplifting brass fanfare builds with orchestra to glorious climax. Inspiring and emotional.

Prepared For Success
Orchestra builds with sense of stoic commitment, momentous occasion combined with grace and excellence.

The Big Event
Momentous orchestral fanfare builds to massive climax. Epic! (stereo & surround mixes)

Going For Glory
Fanfare intro to driving drums and orchestra with exultant choir stabs. Build to powerful climax.

Track Wars
Adrenaline-pumping street drumming ensemble kicks up a storm. 

Exciting marching band percussion with uplifting, lively choir. Epic cheerleaders!

We Gave Our All
Gently noble anthem to stoic achievement with rolling synth sequence, plucked strings and soprano duet.

Gods Of Sport
Pounding war drums with big choir and orchestra stabs. Tense and exciting. (See Version for Drums Only)

Sky High
Driving beat with euphoric ambience and vocal fx. Exciting, graceful and panoramic.

The Games Begin
Indie guitar rock anthem alternates anticipation and euphoria.

Full Tilt
Urgent and serious up-tempo keyboard-driven indie rock jam on two chords. Simple and emphatic.

Morning Of The Race
Inspirational, emotive indie rocker. Thoughtful intro (57 sec) bursts into massive guitar anthem.