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PMOL Playlist - "Upbeat World"

Upbeat, eclectic, modern/crossover tracks with a cultural or regional association - for travel, fashion, sports, documentaries, promos

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Maori Warriors

Driving Maori war dance with intense tribal drumming and Haka war cries.

Safari Smile

Happy, warm African Worldbeat with light, exuberant feel.

Africa Jam

Uplifting tribal African Worldbeat builds with driving drums, happy voices and electro bass.

Club Africa

Upbeat rolling funky house with cut up African vocal chant samples.

Savannah Song

African Worldbeat with tribal drums and voices builds to happy, feelgood theme.

Salsa Cubana

Bright, brassy Cuban Salsa with infectious Latin percussion and happy party atmosphere.

Vive La Noche

Crazy Cuban party time with lively piano and brass.

Jazz Café

Quirky, upbeat Latin Jazz-Lounge with infectious Bossa beat, flighty flute and piano. Lighthearted and fun.

Funky Soca

Happy Caribbean Soca band with easy-going guitars and brass. Sunny and upbeat.