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PMOL Playlist - "Upbeat World"

A mix of upbeat, World/Crossover tracks from different countries. All happy, positive and fun for Travel/Holidays etc.

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Action Australia

EDM meets Didgeridoo in a wild ride Down Under. Upbeat and exciting with punchy hits and crazy beats.

Africa Jam

Uplifting tribal African Worldbeat builds with driving drums, happy voices and electro bass.

Call Of The Wild

Powerful jungle survival show trailer/theme with Conch horn into tribal drums, voices and big orchestral stabs.

Club Africa

Upbeat rolling funky house with cut up African vocal chant samples.

Club India

Upbeat Worldbeat mixing traditional Indian instruments and styles with EDM elements. Lighthearted, fun...and great for travel, promos etc.

Club Spain

Upbeat, driving EDM with Spanish guitars, castanets and clubbing/party vibe.

Hey China!

Happy China Worldbeat mixing traditional Chinese instrumenents with EDM beats.

Hey Peru!

Happy Andean pipes and Charango (lute) over EDM bass and beats. Warm, uplifting and fun.

Korean Colours

Solo Asian lute (pipa) intro to cheerful Worldbeat mixing traditional Asian instruments, modern beats and Korean percussion.

Maori Warriors

Driving Maori war dance with intense tribal drumming and Haka war cries.

Moda Milano

Fashion-oriented pop/dance with twisted Vivaldi-style strings erupting into driving beat with female voice interjections: "Moda...Modelli".

Safari Smile

Happy, warm African Worldbeat with light, exuberant feel.

Savannah Song

African Worldbeat with tribal drums and voices builds to happy, feelgood theme.

Salsa Cubana

Bright, brassy Cuban Salsa with infectious Latin percussion and happy party atmosphere.

Viva La Noche

Crazy Cuban party time with lively piano and brass.

Jazz Café

Quirky, upbeat Latin Jazz-Lounge with infectious Bossa beat, flighty flute and piano. Lighthearted and fun.

Funky Soca

Happy Caribbean Soca band with easy-going guitars and brass. Sunny and upbeat.

Calypso Cute

Comic, cartoonish Caribbean beach holiday style with steel drums, lapping waves. Light, cute and happy.

Lazy In Hawaii

Lapping wave fx into lazy South Paciifc/beach holiday tune with ukulele and guitar.

Silly Beach

Funny beachy comedy/cartoon music with marimbas, wobbly guitar and tuba. Cute, silly fun.

Too Much Pina Colada

Light-hearted South Pacific comedy/cartoon music with wobbly 'Hawaiian' guitar, marimba and lapping surf sound.