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PMOL Playlist - "Upbeat World 3"

Australia & Polynesia

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Action Australia

EDM meets Didgeridoo in a wild ride Down Under. Upbeat and exciting with punchy hits and crazy beats.

Lazy In Hawaii

Lapping wave fx into lazy South Paciifc/beach holiday tune with ukulele and guitar.

Maori Warriors

Driving Maori war dance with intense tribal drumming and Haka war cries.

Oahu Serenade

Feelgood retro-style Hawaiian guitar over swinging acoustic backing with ukulele and light percussion.

Silly Beach

Funny beachy comedy/cartoon music with marimbas, wobbly guitar and tuba. Cute, silly fun.

Tiki For Two

Jolly retro-kitsch Hawaiian fun with lap steel guitar, vibraphone and ukulele.

Too Much Pina Colada

Light-hearted South Pacific comedy/cartoon music with wobbly 'Hawaiian' guitar, marimba and lapping surf sound.