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PMOL Playlist - "The Middle East"

PMOL tracks with a distinctly Arabic or Middle Eastern flavour

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Al Hadd

Atmospheric ney flute over sparse Mid East percussion, harp and bass

Ancient Warlords

Fast, rolling Middle-Eastern big drums, clashing metal and haunting Duduk (Armenian reed pipe) over.


Mournful Duduk (Armenian reed pipe) over deep, enigmatic atmosphere.

Armenian Nights

Sophisticated Middle-Eastern filmic Crossover with lonely Duduk (Armenian reed pipe), chilled beats and bass.

Babylon's Burning

Dark atmosphere with sparse Middle Eastern instruments. Perfect underscore to serious narrative and footage.


Solo Oud (middle-eastern lute) develops with Arabic percussion.


Fast, festive Turkish/Iranian drums and percussion.


Solo arabic lute (oud). Spacious and haunting.


Slow, hypnotic frame drum and Middle-Eastern/Central Asian instruments including sorrowful Duduk, Rubab and Saz.

Challenge East

Psychedelic Indie Rock anthem leading to climactic Asian/Middle-Eastern violins.

Crescent Moon

Solo Oud (middle-eastern lute) joined by Arabic percussion @ 1:26.


Whirling Turkish/Iranian traditional drums and percussion.


Upbeat, hypnotic Dervish-style dance with Ney flute, Saz, Oud and ethic percussion.

Desert Dash

Urgent, busy, rolling North African/Middle Eastern drums and percussion.

Desert Dawn

Deep orchestral bass drone underpins exotic Middle-Easten Oud figures. Mysterious haunting beauty.

Desert Horizon

Slow, evocative desert atmosphere with haunting Rebab (Bedhouin fiddle) and Saz (Arabic lute).

Desert Oud

Enigmatic Oud (middle-eastern lute) over dark drone develops with Arabic percussion.

Desert Pursuit

Fast driving drums with Middle-Eastern instruments and strong Arabic strings motif. Exotic, exciting, modern and fun.

Desert Tension

Tense Middle Eastern atmosphere with dark drones, Arabic instruments, voices and FX. 


Intensely mournful Duduk and Arabic vocal lament over atmospheric drone building to filmic orchestral finale. 

Eastern Enigma

Urgent, lush Middle-Eastern rising theme builds with Duduk, Oud, Zither and Arabic vocal elements. Enigmatic and exotic.


Tense pulsing bass slowly builds to dramatic Duduk theme. Dark and momentous.

Gates Of Babylon

Exotic, cinematic Middle-Eastern atmosphere with haunting female voice over dramatic drums, Arabic strings and Saz (lute).

Gateway To The East

Exotic Turkish flavoured Worldbeat with enigmatic, positive feel.

Ghosts of Halabja

Dark and eerie soundbed with sinister FX featuring distant, melancholic Arabic chanting.


Medium-fast North African/Mid-Eastern drums and percussion.


Lightly nostalgic Duduk (Armenian reed pipe) over gentle guitar and ethnic percussion.


Upbeat Arabic/Middle Eastern drums and percussion.

Khartoum To Cairo

Haunting Mezoued (Tunisian bagpipes) intro to joyful, Middle-Eastern dance with ethnic fiddles, drums and percussion.

Legend Of Gilgamesh

Wordless solo Middle-Eastern female lament over orchestra and powerfully dramatic drum ensemble.


Slow, hypnotic Middle-Eastern, Dervish-style dance with Ney flute, Oud (lute) and drum.

New Persepolis

Urgent, classic Arabic string orchestra motifs with saz and dulcimer over driving modern backbeat. Thriving, glamorous and exciting.


Festive, marching Iranian/Turkish drums and percussion.

Oasis Lounge

Happy, upbeat Middle-East/Reggae crossover with Arabic female voices, Oud (lute) and infectious, dancing beat.

Red Sea Road

Energetic, evocative middle-eastern percussion and lute (Oud) with occasional distant male and female voices.

Sahara Dawn

Deep Middle-Eastern atmosphere slowly builds with melancholic Duduk and Oud over dark orchestra, zither and percussion. Enigmatic and expansive.


Slowly rolling, sensual Arabic/Middle-Eastern drums and percussion.


Fast, hypnotic frame drum and Middle-Eastern/Central Asian instruments including Rubab, Saz and Mezoued (Arabic bagpipe).

Sanan Daj

Meditative Duduk over warm orchestral chords with gentle Mid East percussion.


Arabic flavoured Chillout/Worldbeat with female voice and laid-back beats. Exotic, warm and relaxed.

Song Of The Sands

Passionate Arabic female vocal lament over tranquil Middle-Eastern backing. Haunting and beautiful.


Fast, fluid Middle-Eastern/Arabic drums and percussion.

Tales Of Ashogh

Haunting Duduk (Armenian reed pipe) over steady ethnic drum, Saz (Turkish lute) and Kaval (flute).

The Price Of War

Dark, edgy atmosphere with haunting Arabic zither and percussion over sinister drone, punctuated by muted, subtle explosive fx.

Timeless Wonder

Deeply evocative soundscape with haunting pipe, rainstick and zither. Calm enigmatic panorama.

Turkish Dawn

Enigmatic desert atmosphere with emotive Ney Flute.

Voices Of Maghreb

Dreamy Middle-Eastern atmosphere with Arabic male and female voices develops into chilled Worldbeat theme with Duduk.

Wadi Halfa

Lively North African drums and Rebabs (Bedhouin fiddles). Thriving and upbeat.

Wadi Halfa (Modern Mix)

Upbeat World Beat/Crossover with North African drums and percussion, Bedhouin fiddles over modern bass and beats. Thriving and fun.


Rolling modern beats, ethnic percussion and haunting Duduk (Armenian reed pipe).

Zem Zem

Pounding Tech House with dramatic Middle-Eastern atmospherics and Arabic female vocals.


Exotic Central Asian/Middle-Eastern World-Beat featuring haunting Zurna (reed pipe), ethnic drums, percussion and modern touches.